Finding Happiness Helping Others

One Valley fire volunteer, Stacy Martin, has been a Clearlake resident since 2013 when he moved from Santa Rosa to Clearlake and purchased his first home.

Six weeks ago, Stacy was notified that his area was under advised evacuation during the Rocky fire and as soon as he received this information, he had his car packed and ready to go with in 10 minutes. He understood the potential danger to himself, but fortunately that evacuation advisement was lifted, and he was gratefully able to settle back into his home.

Today, Stacy is an American Red Cross volunteer working at the Kelseyville High School shelter assisting those affected by the Valley fire, and he couldn’t be happier.  Stacy was aware of the Red Cross and had an idea of what services we provided, but it was a fellow church member and Red Cross volunteer, Kathleen, who encouraged him volunteer his time.  When the Valley fire hit his area hard and fast, Stacy followed his natural character to help others, and made the choice to do something about it.  He drove to the local Red Cross Shelter at the Presbyterian Church and offered his time letting everyone know that he was willing to do anything to help.  With that said, the Red Cross happily signed him up, and he has since taken on many tasks with cheerfulness and pride.

Stacy said that he has always been a believer in paying it forward. He proudly tells the story of collecting 554 cans (a number he will never forget) when he was 14 for a food drive in Sonoma County and the happiness it brought him to be able to help others.

He loves being a Red Crosser, and he enjoys seeing everyone come together to help others.  Stacy says he has already built some great friendships, and he will continue to engage as an active Red Cross volunteer as he encourages other to do the same.

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