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A story of exodus, separation, and reunion

With the assistance of a Red Cross program, two sisters — including one who resides in the Bay — have been reunited after more than 70 years apart. The sisters’ separation is part of a story that dates back to one of the most horrific chapters of World War II.

A Tie That Binds

American Red Cross volunteer Sierra Marcelius received the Gene Beck Memorial Volunteer of the Year Award in June of this year. (09-27-2018)

Thank you to Our Partners

[August 13, 2018] As communities across Lake County transition from response to recovery for the Mendocino Complex Fire, the American Red Cross would like to share its gratitude to all our partners that have worked so hard to care for the thousands of people impacted by this disaster over the past two weeks.

Managing the Generous Donation of Goods

[August 11, 2018] Every disaster seems to generate an avalanche of goods donations from the public, thanks to heart-wrenching appeals and visuals of people fleeing their homes with next to nothing. But can there be too much of a good thing?