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Coping Tips After Recent Mass Shootings

After events like the recent mass shootings in Gilroy, El Paso, and Dayton, people may have feelings of fear, anxiety, grief, and helplessness. These are all normal feelings after this type of event. The Red Cross offers these tips to help people stay strong.

Motivated by the ‘Need to Serve’

Driven by a deep desire to apply her former emergency response experience in a new capacity, Tamara decided to research local volunteering opportunities. Pretty soon, the Red Cross sprang to mind.

Help now: Type O blood shortage

Last month, more than 11,500 fewer blood and platelet donations were collected than needed. As a result, the American Red Cross urges type O donors to give now to ensure blood is available for patients in need of lifesaving treatments or facing traumas.

Celebrating our amazing volunteers!

Each spring, a new round of Volunteer Recognition Events gets underway in our region. That made us want to take a moment to thank — one more time — the many volunteers we honored at our 2018 Recognition Events.

Sticking with it for the community

“I thought: these are my people,” Annie says. “It’s the personal piece of it that makes it worthwhile. My community is what kept me coming back. Even when it became the most grim.”