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Heeding the call and going all-in

After speaking with Dave Dorman for 30 minutes, you might wonder if he does anything else outside of the Red Cross. He’s a self-described “semi-full-time volunteer.” This same unwavering dedication earned him the Regional Volunteer of the Year Award.

Fire, fear, and a helping hand

An upbeat man with a ready laugh, Bill now he admits being stunned by the evacuation. “As we were leaving, I was noticing all these cops coming up here, and I was thinking, wow, this is, like real.”

A smile to share

“I like being social and like to give back,” says BreAnna. “Our parents always said we were very blessed and that we should always give back. I thought the Red Cross was a way I could do that.”

Shelter from the (fire)storm

Vacaville area resident Karen Stickler, her husband, and their dog fled their home because of the LNU Fire, eventually finding a Red Cross shelter where they received care and comfort.