Blood donors gave her the chance to go home

On July 9, 2020, Jennifer Sahni of Fremont, Calif., gave birth to her baby girl, Millie. Millie arrived into the world via an unscheduled c-section, something Jennifer tried to avoid, but “there you go.”

After delivery, Jennifer’s cesarean incision would not stop bleeding. She received two units of blood, which stabilized her. Two days later, she had to receive a second transfusion with an additional two units of blood. She was able to go home the next day.

“I was a little nervous – not to receive the blood – but because I needed it,” Jennifer said. “I figured I was just tired because I had a baby. But it was a relief to know that the solution was so easy and readily available.”

One year later – in July 2021 – Jennifer gave the gift of life in a new way. She donated blood.

“Right after my daughter’s first birthday – in honor of the people who donated and helped me – I wanted to do the same thing,” Jennifer said. “And now it is time I can do it again, and I’m trying to schedule my next appointment.”

Jennifer said the experience was a little emotional but that “the process was really easy and everyone was super nice.” Since high school, she had not donated, but the workers at the blood drive were “kind and clear about what to expect.”

Jennifer said that donating blood was a way to give back or “pay it forward.”

“I am so grateful to the people who donated the blood I received,” Jennifer said. “Because of them, I was able to go home and be with my kids. It doesn’t take much to do it, and you could be saving someone’s life. It’s an amazing feeling knowing that you’re helping other people.”