Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces Supports 129th Rescue Wing

The 129th Rescue Wing is part of the California Air National Guard, and is based at Moffett Field, California. “That others may live.” Is the motto of Air Rescue and typifies the wartime mission of combat search and rescue and the peacetime missions of finding and rescuing distressed people on shifts, lost or injured hikers and medical evacuations. The unit consists of over 1,000 members, 700 of whom are part time California Air Guard Members.

Pavehawk Helicopter

A Pavehawk Helicopter takes to the sky, its occupants’ legs dangling in the air.

The unit is in high demand and has a very upbeat operational tempo. Portions of the unit are mobilized for missions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Djibouti and around the world. The Defense Department (DOD) has recognized that it is critical that family members are prepared for service member deployments. The DOD Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program is a DOD-wide effort to foster the well-being of National Guard and Reserve members, their families and communities by connecting them with key resources and providing important information both before deployment and after.

C130 Search and Rescue Aircraft

A helicopter is dwarfed by a mammoth C130 Search and Rescue Aircraft on the tarmac.

The Silicon Valley Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces is a vital partner in this effort. On August 24, 2019 Go Funai, Liz Dietz, Larry Dietz, Kay Ammon, and Theresa Godines supported the 129th’s Yellow Ribbon Event at the Fremont Marriott attended by over 200 service members and their families. Liz provided service members and their families with a briefing of how Red Cross is the only authorized emergency communications organization able to help bring a service member home for family emergencies. Liz also talked about the Red Cross services available to family members while their service member is deployed. The SAF also provided information at a resource table during the event. Kay conducted an Effective Communication Reconnection Workshop for 29 service members and their families. This workshop helps participants build strong communication skills to better manage the challenges and transitions often faced by service members, veterans and military families.

129 Yellow Ribbon
Liz Dietz delivers a briefing to servicemen and their families, discussing Red Cross services available for active military, veterans and their families. 

The military believes in having a bit of fun as well. On September 7, 2019 the 129th hosted their annual Family Day. This included a BBQ, children’s games and a number of resource providers. Liz Dietz, Larry Dietz and Theresa Godines represented SAF at this gathering of over 700 people. Liz gave a short overview and the team manned a resource table during the event.

Liz and Larry 129th ARW Family Day
Liz and Larry Dietz are all smiles during the 129th Air Rescue Wing’s Family Day on 9/7/19.

Service to the Armed Forces is a core mission of the Red Cross. Most people do not realize that almost half of America’s military force is either National Guard or Reserve. While the number of active duty bases in the Northern California Coast Region may have declined, there are still a substantial number of National Guard and Reserve personnel in the region who appreciate the support provided by the Red Cross and Service to the Armed Forces.

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