Children support those affected by wildfires

CarmelCopier-20181221170126It’s not surprising that a group of fourth graders from an elementary school in the picturesque coastal community of Pacific Grove have already developed a keen interest in their natural surroundings. But a recent gift to the American Red Cross shows that the young students also are developing a similar interest in helping their fellow humans.

In a handwritten letter dropped off at a Central Coast Chapter Office in nearby Carmel, Forest Grove Elementary students Emily Zhang, Melissa Wang, and Christina Lee said they and other members of the school’s Natural System Protection Program felt they had to act after seeing images of the devastation caused by this past fall’s wildfires in their state. So they decided to raise money to help the many individuals and families impacted by the fires.


Christina Lee, center, and Emily Zhang were among the students whose efforts led to a donation in support of the Red Cross’s continued response to this fall’s California wildfires. At the Carmel office, the fourth graders were joined by Christina’s younger brother, Jayden. Melissa Wang, who also spearheaded the fundraiser, is not pictured.

Along with their friends, the trio raised a total of $136.41, which they gave to the Red Cross along with their letter. They indicated that they hope the support can help the “families that lost everything be able to rebuild.” Being able to rebuild, the students added, could also help “the families get close to nature again.”