A family is grateful for the help at a Red Cross shelter

By Monique Dugaw 

Napa Valley Community College Shelter ResidentVeronica Padillah is staying at the Red Cross shelter at Napa Valley Community College along with 10 of her family members, including her grandchildren, Jeremy (25 days old) and Rosa (5 years), who are pictured with her.

Veronica and her family evacuated from their home in Calistoga quickly in the middle of the night Wednesday night. As they were driving to safety, cars were evacuating in both directions and the family heard that fire was surrounding them. They slept in their car on the side of the road until daylight, unsure of which way to go to get to safety. Eventually they made their way to a Red Cross shelter and have been staying here ever since.

“I thought I would have to buy diapers and formula when we evacuated,” Veronica said. “I haven’t had to buy anything. I had no idea I’d be treated so well here. People walk around asking us how they can help.”