After fleeing wildfire, 85-year-old Ricon Valley resident is grateful for Red Cross help

By Cindy Huge


(Photo by Cindy Huge)

With only a few moments notice, Marianne Majer quickly evacuated her home of 47 years.

“I woke up to my neighbors loudly knocking on my door,” she recalls. “They said I must immediately evacuate due to a fire in the area. I grabbed my purse, car keys, medication, and a few clothes and quickly left my home,” Majer said.

Following the line of cars from her development, Majer ended up at the Red Cross shelter located in the Sonoma Fair Grounds.

Majer praised the good work of the many Red Cross volunteers. “I was amazed at how organized everything was in this shelter. Everyone is so friendly and most importantly I feel safe.”

This first-time client of the Red Cross was grateful for all that is being done for her and the others affected by the wildfires. “For years I have been donating to the Red Cross, but I never thought I would see how those donations are used. But now I have and will continue to give what I can,” Majer said.

Unsure of when she will be able to return to her home, Majer knows she will have a nice place to sleep, warm food to eat, and wonderful volunteers to assist her in recovering from the devastating California wildfires.


Cindy Huge is a Public Affairs Volunteer for the American Red Cross.